Welcome to the Pronto Team!

Log in to your Pronto Pro App

Go to https://proapp.prontopro.com on your mobile phone. The first time you log in you will validate your phone number.

For easy access add the Pronto Pro App to your Home Screen.

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Your Work Orders

Your Work Orders for the following day are posted to your Pro App everyday at 4:30 pm EST.

Your Work Orders are easily managed through the Pro App, including On The Way and  Arrived status updates, Final Walk-Through, and Customer Sign Off.

After the customer has approved your work, they will be able to Rate your service and leave you a Tip! Customers tend to leave generous tips for friendly service, clean job sites and high-quality workmanship

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Material Receipts

Your Pronto Pro Credit Card is for material purchases ONLY. All charges must have a receipt image submitted through your Pro App.

As a helpful reminder to input your receipt promptly, you will be immediately notified by text message after each use of your Pronto Pro credit card. 

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Change Orders

After the initial walk through or in some cases during the job, work orders might need to be changed. You can process a Change Order by adding, editing or removing items through the Pro App. Make sure to discuss these changes and get a verbal approval from the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every afternoon at 4:30 pm your Work Orders for the following day will be posted and available to view in your Pro App.

Upon signing off and approving the job, the customer can leave a tip through the Pronto App. 100% of the tip goes directly to you.

After completing an initial walk-through with the customer, any changes needed or requested by the customer can be updated directly in the Pro App. Verbal approval from the customer is required. Work performed that is not outlined in the Work Order will not be charged to the customer.

You are responsible for immediately submitting receipts for all purchases made using the Pronto credit card through the Pronto App. Failure to timely submit receipt will result in those charges being deducted from your weekly pay.

Yes, you should always take Before and After pictures. Completion photos must be uploaded through the app prior to sign-off.

Pronto does not require any specific clothing. Customers typically respond best to Pros that look the part of a well-groomed contractor.

Since we schedule out as far as two weeks in advance, we ask that you give at least a two week’s notice for any days that you will not be available to work.

Typically you will have one to two jobs per day.  How many jobs you are assigned in a day will depend on the average completion time for each job.

Payments are made every Friday and will be direct deposited into your account. Every Friday’s payments include the prior week’s (one week in arrears) completed Work Orders. A Work Order is considered complete when all the work is completed and the customer has signed off and approved the work.

All Pronto Pros provide a 90-day warranty on services. If a warranty claim arises, a warranty Work Order will be assigned to you.

You typically will do your own warranty work unless there are special circumstances, like the customer specifically requesting a different Pro. If you are doing warranty work for another Pro, then your payment and any materials purchased will be deducted from the original Pro’s payout.

Typically, all materials are purchased after you’ve done a walk through with the customer (not pre-purchased). You will be provided with a Pronto Pro credit card for all material purchases (no more phone sales!). Materials are billed directly to the customer with no mark up. Immediately after swiping your Pronto Pro credit card, you will be alerted through the Pro App to input your receipt.

Most jobs do not require a helper or crew.

You get paid by the job NOT by the hour. Typically, our Pros make on the low-end $1,000 per week and on the higher-end $1,500 or more per week.

Jobs are assigned directly to you. You don’t have to bid the work out or be first to accept. All jobs are posted at 4:30 pm EST for the following day.

Pronto does NOT require you to carry an expensive General Liability policy. For Pros working in Florida, a worker’s comp exemption certificate from the state is required.

Yes, all Pronto Pros are Independent Contractors and will receive a 1099 each year.

No, we ask that you commit to at least a two-week schedule.

All Pronto Pros are independent contractors NOT employees of Pronto. All Pros will be issued a 1099 each year.

An appropriate work vehicle is required. You must be able to transport sheet goods (sheets of plywood or drywall), a door, lumber, etc. A truck or van is advisable.

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